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We automate your business so that you can grow it

We design, develop and deliver the next wave of digital transformation leveraging automation, and provide full-service implementations.  As per our motto "we automate our business so that you can grow it" we work with our clients to provide the capabilities that enable them to achieve a sustainable advantage.

In addition to our advanced expertise in RPA supported by our comprehensive range of Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation services, our team are experts in change management, project management, governance and implementing supporting systems.

We provide our work delivering CapEx results in OpEx expenses.  Each of our services is available as a RaaS (Robots as a Service) subscription model that is designed to make your adoption and ROI velocity very quickly.

Many robotic process automation service providers are vendor agnostic. which generally means, they are capable of implementing across various platforms but do not have deep expertise in a primary solution.  We are authorized partners with UiPath and dedicated to leveraging and contributing to their industry-leading platform.

We will partner with you, and uniquely included in our package is all the services you need to be successful. We are frugal and understand you have to be smart in your investments so gladly offer our services with that in mind

In June 2018, Forrester placed UiPath in the top position for its 2nd annual Forrester Wave for Robotic Process Automation. Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). More than 1,800 business customers and government agencies use UiPath's Enterprise RPA platform to rapidly deploy software robots that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations.


This first step goes beyond proving how RPA can be a game changer. It also allows the organization to define the role they should play in the implementation model, helps to define the full scope of the rollout.

Key activities include:

  • Running the POC
  • Building an automation team,
  • Developing the frameworks for change management, governance and support.

An automated process is deployed into production for the first time, after the defined requirements, development, testing, and cutover/handover and training is executed successfully.

Pilot performance is monitored in accordance with its success criteria. In addition key stakeholders are surveyed for feedback. This input is the basis for lessons learned before advancing to ramp up.

The primary focuses of this step are:

  • Management of the newly deployed virtual workforce,
  • Qualify additional processes for automation,
  • Continuing growing the internal automation team and its expertise.
  • Center of Excellence setup

During the ramp-up phase, champions should lead the work to identify further RPA opportunities within the organization.

The final step is to establish best practices for RPA as a baseline service within the organization. Specific examples include governance teams to manage the process automation pipeline demand and continuous improvement plans.

  • Center of Excellence maturation

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Strategy Consultation

In some instances, our clients and their staff are ready to take the driver's seat on their RPA journey and need our support to navigate (consultation) or provide the fuel (UiPath products).  As authorized resellers of UiPath we able to work with you and offer paths to training, adoption and securing UiPath products.

Your path to adoption is configurable to your needs and well within the scope and capabilities of UiPath.

Your automation strategy defines the success of your robotic automation program; our team will work with to quickly understand how and where RPA will impact your organization. Some of the key questions we will answer are:

  1. Are your anticipated benefits, approach and expectations attainable?
  2. What change management activities and plans will need to be executed?
  3. What IT resources will you need?
  4. Have you targeted the most ideal processes for automation

Every journey is unique, reflecting strategic priorities; timelines are also unique, varying in accordance with process complexities, resourcing and compliance requirements. However, Impact Tactics leverages the below identified four stages as part of every RPA evolution process.

We want you to fully embrace the power of RPA and your employees to love the time that is saved, allowing them to get to the truly exciting and valuable work within your company.


Industry Expertise

Our business expertise comes from businesses of all shapes and sizes, but we share one thing in common - a commitment to innovating business processes and enabling teams to have more time deliver value and spending less time doing routine work.

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