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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is the #1 investment area for IT spend.
Companies that have harvest its potential, create a competitive edge for their business.  This is because Robotic Process Automation enables companies to develop virtual workforces that drive business productivity and efficiency. A virtual workforce, comprised of RPA bots can execute business tasks (minimum of 15X faster) and with 100% accuracy on business applications.


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RPA consulting, training and development firm in Africa


Intelligent Chatbots

We combine artificial intelligence with human intelligence to dramatically improve customer experiences.

For the majority of organizations, chatbots need to be intelligent to be effective. Intelligent chatbots can interact with customers in real-time and resolve issues, execute transactions, and respond to questions. Our Intelligent chatbots will predict customer intentions and offer the right help when they detect that a customer may need assistance.

Not All Chatbots Are the Same

Why Chatbots are Making Waves

Today your consumers what simplicity and speed, which in part is the reason why mobile app growth has plateaued and chatbots are on the rise. In the PwC Report, 70% of customer put speed and convenience as the most important to them*. Unlike mobile apps, chatbots can beyond the phone. With our intelligent chatbots, we can quickly handle customer questions and requests and free your service agents to focus on unique customer situations. This results in better service, increased automation, and improved efficiency overall.

*Source: PwC Report: “Experience is Everything: How to Get it Right”, 2018

The Power of Two

Combining AI & Agents

Today, every customer journeys has the option to be automated or not. In the best scenarios, chatbots with AI and human agents work together to increase productivity, reduce costs, and help companies grow faster!


Digital Platform Adoption (DPA)

The best customer self-service experience is personalized. Personalized with interactive guidance, with real human voice and visual cues. Digital platform adoption helps our clients to achieve this for their customers.

Drive User Engagement with Real Voice and Live Graphics

Seamlessly add an overlay to your website with real voice, on-page annotations and rich graphics tailored to any browser on any device.

See How It Works!


Business Data Services

Our team of world-class data engineers will help you design and build a custom data services portfolio that will unlock the massive potential of your business and customer related data to propel your sales and operations teams.

Data Management

Our team of world-class data engineers will help you design and build a custom Data Warehouse and provide you with right data migration strategy that will accommodate massive data volumes, new data types, and new data processing workloads.

We can likewise help you with inheritance framework retirement, supplanting conventional Data Warehouse with a cutting-edge one streamlined for the present necessities in huge information combination and preparing, business information examination, ongoing activity, superior, and cost control.

Traditional warehouses were never designed to handle the growing volume, variety, and velocity of Big Data Management need. As new business hones require greater and fresher information, you may have just considered the modernization of your Data Warehouse to keep it focused, developing, and lined up with new business and innovation necessities.

Derive operational business data analytics from legacy data and explore inbound collaborative big data management options. The different utilize instances of Data relocations are strategy information movement, claims, and commissions big data management and joining, new age heritage information distribution center extension, value-based big data management, and replication.

Our team is expertise in Big Data management and business data analytics that helps you to ensure the success of your Data Warehousing and data migration project.

Key Tasks:

  • Data Security; and
  • Data Lake Implementation; and
  • Hosting and support on Cloud Platforms (AZURE,AWS); and
  • Data Migration: Lift and shift Model & Object-Based model; and
  • Data Ingestion; and
  • Big Data Integration and Processing.

DevOps and Cloud Services:

Cloud Services: The cloud services provided by us offer businesses some serious cost-saving potential. Before the cloud became a viable alternative, companies were required to purchase construct and maintain costly information management technology and infrastructure. Our managed cloud services solutions bring a pragmatic approach to managing enterprise cloud environments. We offer the expertise and tools required to accelerate your deployments and empower your team to make more data-driven decision that optimizes costs, improve compliance and establish business intelligence analytics.

IT organizations have been blooming since the beginning of this century, but one thing with which they are still struggling is the big data management of the maximum values of their IT investment. It, of course, includes the investment that is being made in the visualization and cloud technologies. Another common struggle that comes with it is the focus required for adding strategic values in their IT business. Impact Tactics provides relief from the pain by offering enterprise managed services along with 24X7X365 support covering the maintenance of the services required in the cloud-based and visualization infrastructure. With our expert associates, we help you to migrate your data on AWS and monitor to detect any analogous activities.

We are not like other cloud computing server migration service provider or a database migration services provider because we offer an end-to-end enterprise managed services to keep you free from the hassles of the entire process. Few of the highlights of the offerings by our company are real-time monitoring, continuous automation, quick on-boarding, backups monitoring, incident support, monthly security audits, automated ticketing, database monitoring, monthly reviews, and monthly cost audits.

DevOps: In the 21st century when everything has turned nearly digital, it is essential for your business to avoid digital disruption. DevOps administrations can enable you to keep this issue by changing the procedure, individuals, and innovation. The greater part of the organizations are presently innovation-driven and to get an edge in the focused market; it is key to have a product-driven development. It is prompted that one moves from the conventional method for conveying to Enterprise DevOps administrations since it spares both time and cost of conveyance.

Experts and team of Impact Tactics have spent years in focusing on Enterprise DevOps Services, and as a result, we can guarantee that we know all about the opportunities and pitfalls that lie in the Enterprise DevOps transformation. We have helped our many clients to move to a complete DevOps model, and we can help you too to reach the pinnacle of your business by offering you a service that is:

  • Accelerated; and
  • Sustainable; and
  • Safe; and

Apart from providing Enterprise DevOps Services Impact Tactics also provides DevOps Automation and deployment, Automated Infrastructure Services, DevOps Assessment, and Cloud DevOps services.

When you are introducing Enterprise DevOps in your company, it becomes vital to introduce DevOps Automation and deployment along with it because it allows you to get rapid feedback throughout the process. The Enterprise DevOps administrations gave to you by Impact Tactics will empower you to test the created code, send the test framework, you can even run the conclusion to-end test and after that utilization the codes. To put it plainly, we give end-to-end benefits all through the DevOps pipeline.

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics and Management services as an administration portfolio empowers chiefs and CIO’s to execute and exploit Analytics administrations without making huge CAPEX ventures. We will facilitate Big Data Analytics Management through making industry space arrangements while buying into all security and consistency controls.

  • Frugal innovation delivering real value; and
  • Data-driven real-time decision making; and
  • Access to Best in class data-driven solutions; and
  • Faster speed to market.

Data is ubiquitous today, but such access to big data for modern day enterprises comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Opportunities are galore because of additional information they share to take the next big decision or outline the next growth path for the enterprise. Challenges more so, because Chief Digital/Data Officers are clueless as to understanding the approach as to how to and what to.

Our Insights and Data Analytics and Management as services mirror the need and helps provide a zero technical debt solution. Leverage your big data in enterprise to make meaning out of it with minimal investment.

Types of Analytics:

  • CRM & Marketing Analytics:

As the customer is considered to be the king of a business, it is very crucial to managing customer’s engagement with the business. Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Analytics help you to collect, organize and synthesize the big data related to customer captured across the organization. It incorporates three basic business forms Marketing, deals and client administrations and pulls information from numerous sources to make it accessible to the various client over the association.

You don’t need to be an engineer to use marketing analytics to your advantage. Advertising investigation contains the procedures of utilizing essential business measurements, for example, showcasing attribution, ROI and general promoting adequacy. CRM and marketing analytics developed by Muoro enables you to manage the clients and get more done with the same resources. Our process revolves around the evaluation, assessment, structure channel segmentation and allocation of resources. This will help you to improve your bottom-line in a more effective manner.

  • Big Data Management:

Big Data Management plays a crucial role in formulating ways to improve business strategies, operations and make smart business decisions that lead to a competitive advantage. Our big data analytics avails enterprises to establish a well-defined modern architecture, which yields greater efficiency into day to day business processes. A Big data management approach helps companies harness the power of this big data, to build automated solutions and provide insights that lead to a sustainable advantage.

Visualization as a service:

Visualizing large data is challenging. Along with an increase in volume, there are new kinds of datasets which are becoming more and more mainstream. Data visualization is the automatic conversion of data into attractive charts that can also be integrated into presentation and reports. Our data visualization services focus on bringing your data to life. We provide interactive data visualization tools to mine deeper into the data. Propel information representation conveys substantially more than conventional undertaking revealing. It pulls understanding from the mass of information your business produces, each second. We enables Big Data Management by using interactive dashboard equipped with complex analytics including real-time geo-mapping, timeline analysis and predictive analytics.

  • Commercial Products: Like Tableau & Qlik Sense, Muoro is one of the absolute most mainstream representation sellers that can incorporate with Hadoop biological community utilizing Hive or Spark connectors and databases through JDBC/ODBC proficient drivers. Apache Drill can be utilized to perform a cross join questions over different SQL and NoSQL databases and interface with Tableau utilizing JDBC driver to make fascinating representations at scale while information is situated in the first sources.
  • Open Source Visualizations: Open source graph visualization is a powerful tool to convey the content of a graph that helps your business to drive your organization towards a disciplined culture and helps to meet the business goals. Our scalable open source data visualization services are based on a foundation of best data modeling and data mapping techniques. We employ these unique techniques to capture huge amounts of data mapping techniques.

Diagnostic & Predictive Analytics:

Explore the various range of Analytics tools for your distinct enterprise needs. The Why, How, When, whereof the data points in an enterprise can be answered and explored by the below techniques:

Diagnostic Analytics:

Understand from past performance by mining of trends and patterns from historical data to look at the reasons for specific results.

This is usually achieved by drawing out a univariate/bivariate plot and Business Intelligence Analytics.

It is majorly used in:

  • Sales trends against factors like product price, promotion, etc.
  • Market trends for seasonality, holiday season, etc.

Predictive Analytics:

Discover future outcomes and predict the possibility of an event. Achieve this by combining the response function matrix along with rules decision matrix with historical data.
There are 6 steps to create a system of predictive analytics:

  • Data extraction and cleaning; and
  • Dimension modeling and segmentation; and
  • Segregation of data into Training data set and Predicting Dataset; and
  • Using Predictive algorithm according to the data object:
  • Linear regression and non-linear pool regression model; and
  • Classification methods like Bayes Classification, Logistic Regression, Decision tree, Random forest; and
  • Cluster analysis like K-means.
  • Improvisation of the model with business based value chain understanding; and
  • Distribution/consumption of prediction into various decision points.
Analytical Marketing

Analytical Marketing provides information that businesses in multiple industries can leverage to their advantage. Most companies who offer email lists, newsletters, or customer loyalty programs collect information about their consumers to build large databases. They use these databases to create sortable lists that inform their business decisions going forward.

Non-profit organizations use Analytical Marketing tactics to track current, past and potential donors, stakeholders, and interested or uninterested potential donors. For example, a non-profit might be able to determine it is not getting donations from IP addresses in a certain area of the country, but people in other areas donate regularly.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for new cost-effective lead generation strategies and advertising strategies that deliver tangible results. Before you spend another penny on advertising, invest in SEO, PPC, and other marketing and analytics services. Let us show you how to maximize the marketing resources you already have—like your website. You’ll get insights into your advertising performance and increase your overall marketing ROI as a result. Check out the links above or read some of our marketing analytics case studies to learn about real results of companies just like yours.

We provide under mentioned services under our specialized Analytical Marketing services:

KPI Attribution AnalysisIs your email program helping drive bottom line results? Ever wonder what the value of an email address is? Our team can help answer these questions and more with a series of analysis and checks to provide direction and determine the value of your email programs.

Competitive/Benchmarking AnalysisGain significant insights into how your email metrics stack up against your competitors and the industry averages. A competitive analysis will provide you with ways to differentiate and stand out from your competitors while ensuring you follow best practices.

Messaging Science: Is your design engaging enough? Test your creative before hitting send. Understand what your customers really see and how they interact. Let us provide you with an objective analysis that will get you the most out of your creative and increase engagement.

Frequency, Timing, & Touch Point AnalysisAre you sending too many or too few emails? Do you know when is the best time to send a message to your customer? Find that optimal mix with a detailed Touch Point Analysis, which will answer these questions and more.

 Acquisition & List Growth Analysis: Determine the quality of your email leads and learn how to optimize your acquisition tactics. Let us analyze your current tactics looking at cost, quality, and optimal volume to provide you with a better understanding of the issues and opportunities available.

Ad Tracking & Measurement: Find out which advertising and marketing strategies work and which should be changed or eliminated.

Custom Research & Analysis: Looking for information about a competitor? Want to know how the leading companies in your industry market their business online?

Phone Call Tracking: Use local and toll-free 800 numbers to cost-effectively measure and track your advertising performance—online and offline!

Conversion Rate Optimization: Turn more website visitors into leads and sales. Get more leads without spending more money on advertising!

Google Analytics Consulting: Need help getting set-up and started with Google Analytics? Let Blue Corona’s marketing analytics experts get you started on the right track and help you turn data into results!

Website Analytics & Tracking: How does your website measure up? Let this expert marketing analytics company accurately track your website, uncover your website’s true conversion rate, and show you how to convert more visitors into leads and sales!

Digital Consulting Services

Unlock potential value to digitally transform your business.

The term digital disruption is the current buzz across industries and geographies so much that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The experts at Impact Tactics work with companies across Africa and the globe to define the right-fit digital disruption to leverage digital.

We assess the level of digital readiness of your company, prepare a unique roadmap of digital transformation and walk you to the finish line.

To this end, we help companies harness digital technologies to capitalize on their growth opportunities and delight to their customers with personalized convenience and customization options.